Meet Carmen De La Rosa

Carmen De La Rosa immigrated from the Dominican Republic as a child and grew up in Inwood where she has lived her entire life. Her advocacy and passion for justice are deeply influenced by her roots. She has listened and advocated for the most vulnerable, even before she started her career in government.

In November 2016, Carmen was elected to represent us in the New York State Assembly. Since her first day in office, Carmen has fought against racism, xenophobia and economic injustice and her commitment to the community she loves continues.

As an Assembly Member, she is driven by the needs of our people.  She led the passage of the NYS Dream Act to provide access to education to all students regardless of immigration status, and worked with organizers and advocates to reshape the lives of tenants, delivering real rent reform. Carmen is the lead sponsor in the Assembly for a billionaires tax to #TaxTheRich that will ensure the ultrawealthy finally pay their fair share and help us close budget gaps wreaked by COVID-19. 

Carmen will fight to make sure that the needs of our community are at the forefront. She will fight to protect our community from irresponsible development and displacement, dismantle fundamental flaws in our criminal justice system, expand our social safety nets, fix our broken education system, and protect  frontline workers and vulnerable small businesses. Carmen De La Rosa is the leader this moment requires. 

About District 10

District 10 is home to the vibrant communities of Washington Heights, Inwood, and Marble Hill. Since the 1900s, these neighborhoods have been the homes of immigrant communities such as Cubans, German Jews, Russians, Puerto Ricans and now Dominicans who are the primary immigrant group.  Uptown Manhattan is home to the highest number of Dominicans of any neighborhood in the United States who account for nearly 100,000 of the residents. This has earned Uptown the nickname of Little Dominican Republic. The district is home to many seniors, working-class families, and essential workers.

The history of the district, however, is tainted with inequities and exclusion in government. Gentrification threatens the very fabric of the community as long-time residents are pushed out for newer, wealthier ones. Small businesses, too, find it increasingly difficult to survive with rising rents.  When COVID-19 hit, our district one of the hardest hit in the city—highlighting just how much essential workers sacrifice to keep our city running. The next 10 years will be pivotal for our district: we must stop gentrification and build a city that is centered around the needs of the working class. Let’s build truly affordable housing, fund public schools, and support services that will help our community thrive. 

The structure of power in our community will change on June 22nd, 2021. Make sure your voice is heard.

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On the Issues

Carmen De La Rosa has used her voice & platform to demand criminal justice reform, the strengthening of rent stabilization laws that protect and prioritize low-income tenants, stood firmly for women’s rights and equality, and has been a leading voice in the development of policies around Mental Health services for minority communities and suicide prevention. Carmen is passionate about using government as a tool for social change and a vehicle to empower and support communities.